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doctorDoes the day to day grind got you feeling like you are in a bind? Do you need a break from work, school, or even just reality? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need a fake doctors note! Yes we have all heard of a doctor’s note, but sometimes there is really just nothing wrong except wanting a break from the day to day living.

It is hard to get out of work without losing your job unless you are sick. However, we can’t just make ourselves sick. Therefore, that is when a fake doctors note comes in. These notes are designed for you so that you can get out of your responsibilities for a day. You can start utilizing a dr note whenever you feel like getting worn out from work or school but should never be used when you have no serious business to deal with.

Wondering what to do with your day now that you have it free? Well enjoy it of course! Live it up, visit with friends, go shopping! The possibilities are endless, you’re not sick, you are faking it!

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Physician’s notes are awesome
However, remember that whatever place you get your doctors note from is legit. Nothing is worse than thinking you just stuck it to the man only to find out that you got busted the next day. Instead look for a few key things when you get your fake excuse. Make sure it is not a novelty item where your boss or teacher may have seen it before. You will also want to make sure that the address from the “doctors office” is located in your area. Something hours away will be a dead give away.

A fake doctor’s note can really help you get the day off if done correctly. Some companies offer templates that you fill out yourself. That way all information that needs to be put on there meets your needs. Have fun and enjoy and extra day off!


Fake Doctors Note – Guilty as Charged2014.09.09. // Uncategorized

guilty-as-chargedMany of us are guilty as charged, but not everyone. The fact of the matter, many people do it when they need an extra day off from work. We ask for fake dr excuses, not because we are actually sick, but because we actually just want a free day off from work. Here is what we do, we come up with any kind of excuse just to stay home from work or school.

For example, if we are just too tired to get up and get out of the house we come up with some sort of excuse just to stay home. If we are able to obtain a note, we do not hesitate to take advantage of having some time off from work. We convince ourselves that we really need break to get some free time away from work or school to relieve us of our duties.

I remember one time when I wanted a three day weekend, I decided I would get a note to cover my absence so that I can stay home from work.

It is my belief that it is okay to take an extra day off every now and then, just to get some extra time to rest. Here is where the problem come in, it is when a person start making it a habit, then it becomes a problem. It is my honest opinion that it does not hurt to give yourself a break every now and then. We all could use an extra day off from work or school sometimes, but we just should not make it a constant habit. If you’re looking for a free printable doctor’s note, go here.

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Fatigue could be the reason why you some days off but your boss seem to hear nothing of it. You are left with no choice but to leave without any permission. The question come in, what will be the excuse when you report back to work?

Fake doctors note template comes to your rescue at this juncture but it would be wise not to use these doctors note template exactly the way you find them on the internet, you could be a professional, do some touch ups and some additions. This is because many doctors note template lack vital information and they end up looking suspicious.

For example they might miss the hospital letterhead, logo or even registered trademarks. If you’re looking for a great free doctors note template, click right here.

Since some of them are created in editable format, it would be advisable to redesign and make them look authentic, remember you want to have your way out to a boss who might be relatively angered by your absence, so imagine turning up with a make note. You want some solid proof that will win his/her heart and make him/her sympathize with you. Check out to learn more.

Remember, before using a note be sure to check out your work or school’s attendance policy. Here is an example of one.

If you can’t have somebody to do the alterations for you then, buying a fake note would be a better option over the fake old note template freely downloaded. After all it is said that Cheap is expensive and two days off are definitely not worth your job or your life as many bosses might not take the trickery easily and might take lawful action against you. Click here now:

Is the doctors excuse note all it’s cracked up to be?2013.12.24. // Uncategorized

Has someone ever come to you and said, “Hey, why don’t we take the day off”. They come to you with the notion of taking time off form work and going to the beach. That sounds fun and exciting doesn’t it?

Day Off with Pay

The only thing that doesn’t sound fun and exciting is the notion of getting an doctors excuse form. Or as they are more commonly known as a Dr’s note. A doctors note sounds easy and simple to obtain, but in truth they are not. See you also need to consider the ethical contemplations of the note. You get a fun and exciting day off from work, but at what cost?

It might work better if you were really sick. But than you couldn’t go to the beach, because you would have to spend all day in bed. So if you do consider the option of the excuse note, consider a few things first.

Are you going to download them from the internet and print the form out? Well you could do that, but in truth you would need to find a genuine one to start with. A genuine one is available, but you need to know where to look and what to look for. Than you need to think about how you will feel about this afterwards. For some, they look at the situation as “no problem”. But for others, they view it as a distress. Some of these people can’t sleep at night. So how are you supposed to enjoy your day at the beach, if you can’t sleep because of it? Something to think about.


You could also go to the doctor’s office and pick up a few of those forms. But these are for patients that are sick and you are not sick, well at least not physically anyway. You could ask your doctor for the artificial doctor’s notes, but he might look upon you with suspicion. You could steal a few stacks of form when he or she is not looking. I have known a few that have done it. But how will that sit with you at the end of the day?

I mean, sure, you have an unlimited supply to play with. You have more than enough to take a few days off and go to the beach. But at what cost did you get them. You weren’t sick. So you really don’t deserve them at all.

These are all good things to consider. But if you are absolutely sure that you want to do this, your best bet is to go online and find the correct forms to use. But get the forms that are authentic and real. Otherwise they will see right through that.